Sunday, January 10, 2010

First turbojet in India under 10 lakhs - it is Linea TJet!!!

As we all expected, FIAT did not showcase the 1.6 Multijet version of Linea instead it was the more powerful petrol version. This engine is so called TJet which will directly target honda city :-). It adds extra 20 bhp to the existing output of 90 horse power. I think this will be faster in straight line than City.

Specification given below; 
Type: Petrol (l4) 1.4L 16V Turbo JET (T-JET)
Displacement: 1368cc
Max. Power: 119.2bhp@5000rpm (Actual: 117.8bhp)
Peak Torque: 206nm@2500rpm
Fuel Injection: Timed, Sequential Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection
Top Speed: 202 kmph (Actual: 195 kmph)
0 - 100 kmph: 9.2sec amazingly!!!!
It is expected to come with Dualogic robotised manual gearbox. And it is a type of semi-automatic transmission system which uses an automated clutch. This is suppose to give better mileage. If this proved then linea can be tagged as VFM :). Wow!!! How sweet it is!!!. For information read the wiki. Team-bhp says rear disc break can be also expected with the launch. Lots of speculation about many new features :-). But nothing is sure, unless the vehicle is officially launched.

I expect the launch by this quarter and to be inline with Bharath Stage IV. If you are interested to know more about turboject/dualogic, then follow this thread in team-bhp site.

BTW, how do you differentiate between the regular 1.4 and 1.4 Turboject?. Very simple, TJet emblem is embedded on the front grill just like MultiJet :-).

If things go fine as my expectation, I might opt this Italian beauty even though it is way beyond my budget:-).

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