Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Schumi Return - Game on!!!

Its been more than a month ever since speculation  started on this topic. Even I am closely monitoring all F1 sites/blogs to keep me updated on this. It looks like almost confirmed that Schumi is set for all grand come back. This is something big when considering the amount of money involved. But ideally speaking, come back @ 41 years is not the right decision. I feel Bernie is the man behind this come back, if its really going to happen. But why?, obvious reason is F1 is losing its fan base ever since recession/global economy slow down in 2009. F1 was all about money and glamour, considering the big brands getting involved. But it was different in 2009 due to cost cutting measures. Even fans were not ready to buy tickets which was  more expensive comparing to other sports. So this old gentleman wants something phenomenal to get F1 back on track in 2010. From Bernie point of view, its the right move to promote his business . Today I learnt from a website that F1 (Refer - http://en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/story/5473.html) business profit came down to 200 million dollars in-spite introducing new nite race in Abu Dhabi. For him, F1 is purely business nothing else. So he will do any thing to promote his business. One fine example is Schumi return. This is just one angle to look into this come back. But my personal feeling is Schumi should not think about the come back rather he should enjoy the fame and respect he is receiving for all his good work done in past.

On the other hand, Schumi return is a really good news and brings lot of joy and excitement in me. Just because I am not Schumi fan/follower but because I always loved the on track fight between Alonso and Schumi. This will be a great opportunity for Alonso to prove how good he is. From Schumi point of view, he can possibly think of taking revenge for his title lose in 2006 - final year in F1. Let me rewind back the memories of 2006 - I was left with the feeling that even FIA wanted Schumi to sign off his career with title win - by penalizing Alonso for not fault of his own in Monza. Another ugly incident being Schumi deliberately parking his car during qualifying to block from completing his Alonso flying lap. But as the whole world knew after Stewards enquiry it was yet another plot master minded by Schumi. Meanwhile, I would like to share this video - (Refer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txKfqjasUKE). Probably not interesting for Schumi fans but still I like to share this video here. Irrespective of all these, Renault was strong with Alonso making the most of it.

Coming back to 2010 season, its going to be healthy competition between the one of all time bests in F1. The best part is this time Alonso will drive the red car where as Schumi will drive a Merc powered car. This time Mosley is not there to support Schumi but still Todt might play his own tricks. But anyway Schumi will not drive for Scuderia. So what can we expect in 2010, great rivalry will restart again - Game spot on!!!. My money is on Alonso for 2010 title.

Go Alonso Go !!!!