Sunday, January 31, 2010

Internet Data Privacy …...err whats that??!!

Today, I learnt from Hindu that January 28th was observed as "Data Privacy Day" from 2009 onwards. The idea is to raise awareness and promote online data privacy education. It is currently celebrated in the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries. India not having a separate privacy law still will mean that online users disgruntled with misuse of private data have to find ways under other Acts to get justice, probably should come under Information Technology Act of 2008. In today's world with daily increase in information getting shared online, especially on social networks, it becomes important to step back and look at not only the safeguards on personal data online but also whether online information sharing requires any etiquette. I am least bothered about how professional information about companies is being misused. Perhaps I am worried/bothered about individual's personal information getting misused.

One fine example was how employees at Facebook tried manipulating user profile datas. More information can be found in the below link which is nothing but transcript of the interview with a facebook employee discussing about the privacy (refer : Obviously you will not find the employee name there. Don't ask me why and you are at the wrong place.
 Few weeks back, I read an fine article about data privacy titled as "Google, Privacy, and You". The article starts with the author limited use/exposure to google services. (I envy this guy for limited use of google as I use google religiously. The list goes like this... personal mails, map, chat, social networking and finally the search engine etc). Immediately followed with this (courtesy : Securosis Blog).

First, a quote from Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google (the full quote, not just the first part, which many sites used):
If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place, but if you really need that kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines including Google do retain this information for some time, and it's important, for example that we are all subject in the United States to the Patriot Act. It is possible that that information could be made available to the authorities.
Little bit disappointed with such a statement. Anyway, I am not going to debate what is wrong here. Rather I plan to blog separately on this topic. But one point I totally agree with Securosis was "There has never before been a time in human history when one single, private entity has collected this much information on a measurable percentage of the world's population." This is totally true. Probably everyone will realize this once they read this :-).
Meanwhile, I would like to say few words about the most popular social networking FaceBook. I wonder how many of us bothered to go through the recently updated privacy policy adapted by this site. A very good article on this can be found here. I bet it is worth reading. Read more on social networking privacy issues in wiki.

So the bottom line is use with caution. Now, I will have to work on how to handle this in a better way!!!.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ferrari unveils F10 in Maranello!!!

As I expected ( like most of the ferrari fans), Ferrari became the first team to launch its 2010 car, unveiling its new F10 challenger in Maranello this morning. Much to the surprise, ferrari also hosted the launch show online like what Mercedez did few days ago. But I could not follow it up because I was in a training for the whole day. 

With Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa on hand, the covers were taken off the Scuderia's latest F1 car, the F10, which is the result of months of work given Ferrari's decision to focus on the year ahead in the midst of a dismal 2009 Championship. The new car, which predominantly features the Santander branding (resulting in lots of white shade getting added), carries a much larger fuel tank given the new ban on refuelling. It also has bulges similar to last year's Red Bull RB5 and the double-decker diffuser. Technical director Aldo Costa said the new car has been designed from scratch around the double diffuser at the rear of the car, which was covered during the launch, but I don't think so :-)

Finally I would like to conclude with few words from Alonso:

"This is the first time for me, the first presentation for Ferrari, and it is a big emotion for me."

"I want to thank the whole team because they have worked really hard in the last few months to create this dream, this new car, and I want to thank sponsors and partners as they have worked hard and there is a lot of passion".

"We are ready to take this challenge and the responsibility to bring it to 100 per cent of its potential".

"Felipe and I will be a very strong team and I hope we will make supporters around the world very happy to see this car winning the Championship."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First turbojet in India under 10 lakhs - it is Linea TJet!!!

As we all expected, FIAT did not showcase the 1.6 Multijet version of Linea instead it was the more powerful petrol version. This engine is so called TJet which will directly target honda city :-). It adds extra 20 bhp to the existing output of 90 horse power. I think this will be faster in straight line than City.

Specification given below; 
Type: Petrol (l4) 1.4L 16V Turbo JET (T-JET)
Displacement: 1368cc
Max. Power: 119.2bhp@5000rpm (Actual: 117.8bhp)
Peak Torque: 206nm@2500rpm
Fuel Injection: Timed, Sequential Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection
Top Speed: 202 kmph (Actual: 195 kmph)
0 - 100 kmph: 9.2sec amazingly!!!!
It is expected to come with Dualogic robotised manual gearbox. And it is a type of semi-automatic transmission system which uses an automated clutch. This is suppose to give better mileage. If this proved then linea can be tagged as VFM :). Wow!!! How sweet it is!!!. For information read the wiki. Team-bhp says rear disc break can be also expected with the launch. Lots of speculation about many new features :-). But nothing is sure, unless the vehicle is officially launched.

I expect the launch by this quarter and to be inline with Bharath Stage IV. If you are interested to know more about turboject/dualogic, then follow this thread in team-bhp site.

BTW, how do you differentiate between the regular 1.4 and 1.4 Turboject?. Very simple, TJet emblem is embedded on the front grill just like MultiJet :-).

If things go fine as my expectation, I might opt this Italian beauty even though it is way beyond my budget:-).

Weekend with Godfather - PS2 Game

I have recently purchased the godfather game for PS2. To be honest, never thought before that I would buy this game. But these days hardly I found new game CDs for PS2 that interest me :-(. Every time I look for single shooting/racing CDs in shop, Godfather have always tempted. So I thought of giving it a try. After all, it is based on one of my all time favorite. Eventually one of the masterpiece by Al Pacino.

The overall rating for this game is 77.12% which is not bad. (Refer : The game is notable as it features the return of several original actors from the original film to lend their voice. But unfortunately, the voice of Marlon Brando is missing but imitator have done a good job. Even the voice of Al pacino is missing which is bit disappointing. But through out the came, you can virtually indulge in the Sicilian life style in New York. Also all famous codes are seen/visualize through out the came (Refer -

The plot:-
The game revolves around the character - 'Aldo Trapani'. Eventually this name can be customized and also the character's physical features, build and clothing as well. Aldo grows up in the shadow of Vito Corleone learning the mafia style. Meanwhile Aldo gets involved in almost all important events of the movie. This is how it looks like but not sure since I have only completed only few levels. I am loving this game since the movie have inspired me a lot. Perhaps this will not be game for others who have not watched or dislike the movie.

Finally the graphics are not bad on my CRT TV, perhaps it should be better on LCD. Oops, it is time for work out in Gym, I will have to stop this here. Will update once I complete the full game. BTW, it looks like the game is not so tough as other shooting games  that I have tried so far.

Keep Chilling

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jailbreak/Unlock Iphone 2G on OS 3.1.2

I wanted to update my 2G iphone with 3.1.2 (currently running with 3.0.0 Mac OS). First thing I did was a quick search in iclarified site but no tutorial were found for jailbreaking on Windows. At the same time, jailbreaking using Pwnage on Mac notebook was availablefor 2G iphone. (Refer - But I dont have Mac notebook :-(. This means only folks with Mac book can only jailbreak 3.2.1 on 2G iphone... this is not fair :-(. Its almost more than two months since 3.1.2 released, still no place I can find jailbreak on Windows.

BTW, what is special in 3.1.2?. It seems following well knowns bugs are fixed in this update:
  • Device suddenly losing network access.
  • Video stream crashing.
  • Device not waking from sleep in certain sitautions ( the most troubled bug so far according to me).
  • And most important feature request that is part of this new update is support for Genius Mode for the App Store. As per the mashable site (Refer :, now the same technology that recommends songs will be used to recommend applications. Hopefully, this will make navigating the App Store and finding more gems easier than ever before. But I wonder how this will be helpful to me!!!!. Probabily I should write a review once I experience it.

So I am eagerly looking forward to update to 3.1.2. The other important reason being that is lots of new applications are based on this updated OS. At the same I dont want to try to jailbreak on my own rather I will wait for the community to do it and follow them :-). I think it make senses to wait for detailed tutorial in iclarified site to update my iphone OS.

Meanwhile, I hope to see the Pwnage tool getting ported (by Iphone Dev Team) soon to Windows :-). If I find one, will post how to jailbreak using Windows.

Happy weekend to all!!!